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Originally Posted by Flash Wallace View Post
Hi to those that are interested.
It has been some time since I have made any progress in sorting this gyro out. This is mainly due to a combination of weather and seasonal commitments.
I have made some changes after test taxing and holding the craft above my head. No flying at this stage although I am now very close.
I have discovered that the fly bar and associated mechanism, was creating so much drag that the head speed would not come up to full auto rotation. Further more, when cyclic inputs were made the head speed would decay even more. The craft is quite heavy anyway so I need as much lift as I can get. I have removed the flybar along with all associated linkages and converted the gyro to a flybarless unit. I am using a 3 axis control to stabilize it. I currently fly flybarless helicopters and am confident that the gyro has good stability with the electronic control unit on board. Now when I hold it into the wind it feels very stable as the electronic system looks after it. Inputs from the radio seem to control the correct axis and of about the right amount. I was unsure whether swash phasing may be required as the head speed is significantly lower than a driven head.
I have set the blade angles for what feels like maximum torque which is about -1 deg as suggested by MNOWELL129.
I will continue to post for those that are interested. I know I probably seem like a bit of a dabbler, but I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the technical aspect to developing a difficult project.
Keep it coming
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