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FY-30a flashing light vibration issues with ducted fan

The problem is definitely vibrations. Put the Skyfun back together after the crash and performed a bench test. As I approached wide open throttle the red light flashed and then went solid and then the elevons started to go full left and right and then switch back again erratically. When I throttled down the elevons went back to their normal positions.

Then I installed the vibration system that comes with the FY-30 with no improvement.

Then I used some Zeal foam to isolate the FY-30 and now the red light only flashes intermittently during wide open throttle but the elevons do not behave badly anymore. Wonder if this means it is safe to fly?

In the manual it says if the red light is solid then the vibrations are too much but it doesn’t say what it means with the light is flashing.

Any observations about this?


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