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This may be dumb question but Im curious if I can use Serial 0 as a 4th serial during flight.

  1. I have a u-Blox CN-06 GPS Receiver V2.0, from rctimer which I will use on serial 3
  2. I have a FRSKY D8R-XP- 8 CHANNEL RECEIVER W/ TELEMETRY, RSSI, & CPPM I would like to use on Serial 2 with PPM (not necessary but trying to reduce the wire mess) from aloft hobbies. I know about the stock PPM issues with the timing and know there is a new firmwire for the rx I will load if I can use all this as I hope.
  3. I have a minimOSD from hobbyking that I plan to use with it all for OSD telemetry from flyduino as discussed here on multiwii forums. This I would like to use on the Serial 0 port if I can, if not then I will use it on the Serial 2 port and use PWM instead of PPM from RX.
  4. I also want to port the telemetry data to RX and will install a bluethooth adapter to my TX to show telemetry data in Multiwii EZ for android, why do I want telemetry data 2 places? Well I plan to mount my phone to TX and also use alerts, Im not always gonna stare at screen when flying. You can find more info on this on multiwii forums here.

Yeah its an ambitious build, especially since its my first quad. I know that I will have to add some code and most of the links I have provided show a lot on how to do it. Some features maybe in the next release of Multiwii but we will see.

I started a website on my build and plan to update it soon, probably this weekend and will provide wiring diagrams, photos and videos in the future as I get all this working.

Any help is appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

Thanks to RadigUli on Multiwii forums who has presented a great fix for PPM on to pin A8 or throttle channel. We no longer have to use a serial port to input ppm controls on the Flyduino Mega (or any mega based controller), his code is implimented in the latest Dev Build r1240. I have been bench testing this and all seems to working great.

Still a little curious if you can actually use Serial 0 on this board in flight but now its not necessary for my build.
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