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Paper cartridges, pre-loaded brass tubes for load insertion, drop-in powder loaders, etc have been tried. Have gone back-and-forth on approaches.
I built a 1/12 scale carronade model and use flash paper carteidges in that. The bore is 0.5". Flash paper is pretty delicate. It works well to make these bigger dia. cartridges, but it's really fussy to make smaller 0.25" ones, though I've done that too. Flash paper is pretty delicate - rips easily, etc. Cartridge dia. needs to be less than barrel dia. because the cartridges bulge significantly.
I've tried cigarette paper, wrapping tissue and TP. All leave residual unburned paper and result in a high number of misfires (the new igniter design may cure that)
Loading is still a big area of opportunity - still thinking separate pre-loaded barrels that plug in/out would be best. Once any barrel is fired when aboard, it's probable that some water will then get in, and likely prevent a successful firing of the reload.
With your gun design, with brass barrel liners, you could make the liners as self-firing plug-ins. The resin barrel would have the female connector and wiring molded in (or installed after 3D construction). Anyway, concept is shown in the hijacked drawing attached.
I'm now thinking this is the way I may go now....
PS - would be probably be best to use K&S thick wall tubing rather than the thin-wall (0.014") for longevity.
Edit - added thoughts...
Plug assembly should be symetrical so specific barrel orientation on insertion is not necessary
Tool to pull barrel, using a "pull-hole", is necessary
Barrel will be black very quickly with firing - no need to blacken barrel for appearance
Igniter wire is permanent type - your one-use rocket igniters could also be used.
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