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Thank you George,

Yes I am very lucky being able to use all the equipment. However, I would like to have hobby mill and a lathe in my own garage workshop. Cheap Chinese machines are now available, mills and lathes for about $1000. I have to admit that second hand Myford 7 would probably be better option than brand new Taig. Some of the machines will stay out of reach of hobbyists and probably most businesses forever.

I like the way you made counterweights out of round bar, Dunc mentioned that method earlier. I think that they help make whole thing look much better, all that movement on low speed...

I need some clarification regarding "Silver Soldering", seems like there is confusion out there when people use this term.
To my best knowledge and understanding soldering is classified as follows:

1. Soft Soldering, Tin/Lead alloy, flux usually incorporated into the wire (Core Flux) usually used in electronics and for bonding of parts not exposed to high stress or high temperature, SILVER in color. Because of its color people sometimes wrongly call it Silver Soldering.

2. Silver Soldering, alloy actually contains Silver (available in different percentages), flux is powder kept in separate container, mixed with water etc. etc.

3. Brazing, Brass rod is melted and used to join parts

Now, which one of these is used to fabricate D10 crankshaft ? No. 2 sounds like most logical choice.

Today I managed to make steam chest covers, and some experimental balanced webs.
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