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quick question: if you are suppose to only use a 2s battery then, why ON the ares esc does it say 2-3sLiPo and then 6-10 cell NiCad/NiMH ??? if my math is right 10(cell nicad or nimh) is lets see 1.2v/cell X 10 = 12 volts ??? I am new at this Electric flight that is.
I have already put in the brushless motor and esc so i suppose there is no going back to the stock motor but.... still on the box the airplane comes in it should say in big letters 7.4 volt battery only.

btw I also clipped off the crappy stock connectors and went to e-flites ec2's much better connector. got that tip from this forum i do believe.

other than motor/esc issues i think great airplane just wish the tx could have be buddy box-able so i didnt have to buy two more tx 's so i could buddy box with my father in law
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