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Originally Posted by chucksolo69 View Post
Tweak them with the travel adjust on your TX. I did this on my Spektrum DX6i and now she banks like a dream. The first couple of flights out of the box and she seemed sluggish to me. After I did the TA tweek, she flies great and very agile.
You can adjust the aileron travel by doing this:
1) take wing off and detatch control arm from aileron servo
2) take both control rods off aileron servo and off each aileron control horn.
3) tighten each control horn do-hickey thing on each aileron equally to your desired degree of deflection. Equally. Very important.
4) put servo control arm back on with the control rods at the outer most hole. If you have spare servos you might find one with longer arms that you can swap out.
5) make sure control surfaces are trim. You will need to power up the aileron servo to do this.

The gist of all this is that you want your servo arms to have the most travel and your aileron control horns as far in as possible.
This will give you maximum throws.
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