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Request to all FPV Pilots

I have a request for all the FPV pilots that are coming out to AMA for the Electric Festival. I have been flying FPV 2 weekends a month for about a year now at AMA field.
My setup is a Skywalker with 900Mhz VTx/VRx system. Up until recently, I have been using DX7 and now DX18 2.4Ghz radio.
I also use the Eagletree OSD with the Eagletree ground station using signal tracking and diversity between my omni and patch antenna. On the plane I have a V antenna attached to the vertical fin.
Anyway, although I’m still in the “testing and tweaking” phase of my FPV plane, I do think that everyone will enjoy flying FPV at AMA. My 900MHz video signal is very clean with almost no static or interruptions. To date, I have had no issues of any kind at this location that made me nervous or may cause a safety concern.
So as to my request. When I do fly FPV at AMA, about 50% of the time there is one location that gives me more static for a second or two than any other. It is like a wall of interference. Once I punch through it, my video signal is 100% so it is NOT a range issue. This “Wall” is not there every single time I fly FPV and sometimes it has lesser effects then other.
I’m thinking of two possibilities, one, the V antenna on my plane is in the wrong spot when flying at that angel through that location, or two, there is some kind of interference at that location.

I would like to follow up with the FPV pilots after the event to see if they see the same wall as I do on their FPV video. Best to my knowledge I'm the only one that flies FPV at AMA so I have no one to compare with as to what the problem may be.

Attached is a picture of the wall location (in Red) and location of my ground station (in Green).
I think I have a flight video or two that has the wall in question. PM me if you would like to see it.
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