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Stacky: I have burned 4 lipos already this morning at 15 drgees F. outside and have learned a great deal. It seems that it is my Photohigher AV200 gimbal and the way in which it is mounted that is causing many of the problems I have been experiencing. I clamped off the gimbal from side to side, flew it, looked at the video and noticed right away that I no longer had those "roll twitches" (90% of it was gone). Then I did the same thing with the gimbal from front to back (which is where it is the sloppiest) and it solved the majority of those twitches too. The AV200 is really pretty flimsy when you compare it to something like a Cinestar gimbal which is so rigid in so many ways. While I can improve upon this somewhat I am still stuck with the AV200 for the time being so there is only so much I can do with what I have to work with. I see a better gimbal on my wish list for the near future.

Thanks so much for you suggestions. They were a good motivator for me to re-examine an area that I thought had already been answered, but I was wrong. Also: I found that when I dialed back my WKM gains by 20 points this also helped a great deal.
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