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Thanks to everyone who responded to my first post.

I have never used mounting foam tape for my servos but if it is moving put some fiber glass tape over the servo and the bottom of the wing. You are brave just relying on the foam tape. Always good to put the fiber glass tape over the servo just to make sure you do not have problems.
I didn't change the wing servos; I changed the rudder and elevator servos in the fuse and stuck them to the inside of the fuse with double sided tape... Those are the servos that are moving.

You say "I tested the new ESC by running the motor at WOT for just a few minutes. (less than 5)" I guess that was in the air. I am not brave enough to do any at wot for more than two seconds on the ground to get a reading on the watt meter.
I guess I made a newbie mistake.... No, I didn't test the new ESC in the air. I held the fuse in my hand with the ESC and battery just laying on the bench. That might explain why the ESC got hot. (no air flow over it), but why did the motor get almost too hot to hold?

Wait a minute: I think I just thought of the answer to my own question. By holding the plane while running at WOT the motor is really pulling more amps because of increased air resistance because it is not moving forward. The prop has to pull static air through it instead of cutting through the air. Relative wind, etc,etc. Also, in a static situation, a tractor motor would be somewhat cooled by it's own prop wash while a pusher motor doesn't have much movement of air around it. Make sense?

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