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Originally Posted by adamssonny007 View Post
they are engineered yo handle dual 6 cell nickel packs, I don't see a problem with twin 2s lipo for it would deliver less voltage at peak charge...however, it would deliver more voltage for an extended period, still I doubt there would he an issue if temps are monitored and geared properly. Just another opinion here, nice truck btw! Good luck with the sale! Happy new year! :-)
Thank you! Happy New Year to You!

@Makg: Are you interested in buying the truck??? If not we does it matter? I guarantee I've been doing brushless and electric WAYYYY longer then you!!! I know what I'm doing! I've built a few of these lil trucks the first ones I built I was using a cc bec and it worked awesome. Like the fourth on I decided to take it out of the box and see how long it would work without a bec. Never had a problem!!! I've never had a problem with any of them. Thats like way back when before the mamba monsters came out I was one of the first guys to experiment with the 1/10 mamba on 6s even though it was only rated at 4s. OH AND IT WORKED!!! I had tried 6 and only had 1 fail in a losi 8ight-t end it was from riding the brakes. I can go even farther back before castle was making car stuff. I use to use BK electronic(you probably never even heard of them), cc hydras(for my speed run stuff and not the hv either they werent out), and MGM. I also had alot of Astroflights big Cobalt brushed motors in my boat stuff and there sc. Sorry everyone else who might be on this thread or interested in these great lil truck. But sometimes ppl on these forums boggle me! I just dont get it! If it really doesnt effect you then way do you care. The truck is perfect and perfect on 4s. Its geared tall but you can rip it up and down a street or parking lot for 5-10 minutes(maybe longer I just never have) and it wont thermal. Its just not setup to run 30 minutes and not ever check the temps or anything like that. Im sure it could be done be just changing the gearing though. Makg just check youtube im sure you can find someone else who has something similar and isnt having any problems. I hope this is the end and I hope you have something better to do than keep posting in my thread. Thanks for your opinion and have a Happy New Year!!!
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