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Originally Posted by digitalCAM View Post
Where do you mean by "mounted to the front of my gimbal". Do you have a picture or can you explain futher? Actually pictures would be optimal, to see position relative to other influences also. -- JOHN
John: Thanks for your comment. My HFG board is mounted to the front of the gimbal and at the highest point. If you look at an AV200 gimbal it has the name Photohigher cut into it on the top/front. This is where the HFG is located with the bottom of the gimbal board against the front of the gimbal itself and the power port pointing down. It is mounted with its original silicome mounts too. The mounting would be called "Bottom Front" in the HFG setup assistant. It should be a pretty typical mounting spot for these. I have tried many other spots as well. I am going to lower my gains on the S800 considerably later this morning to see if this helps. I am at an elevation of 7,000 MSL. At just 15 degrees F. (as it was yesterday when I was testing) this would be a density altitude equivalent of approx. 4,000 ft. and 80 degrees F. So, if my gains were suitable for the summer time and higher temps they may no longer be suitable for this cold weather. I did notice that the craft seemed hypersensitive to stick input so this may have been an indication that the gains were too high. Also; I just switched to FW 5.16 on WKM so this may have effected some things as well. I'll post my results later. Thanks.
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