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Thanks Richard,

I'm busy learning 3D software and building stuff with my MakerBot Rep 2 printer.

First project will be a small sailboat, but the HP-8 will not be far behind if I manage to learn how to design 3D models. So far my success rate with the software has been slight but progress is being made. The biggest part of the problem being all the irrelevant stuff in any and all 3D packages. Great if you want to compete with Pixar but vastly overkill for 3D printing. You still have to wade through a lot of stuff to get where you want.

That said, I found and lost a reference to a software package that can automate the process of segmenting an object too big to print down to printable sized chunks. I can also use my printer to prototype a model, then have the final version printed by Shapeways, who can print larger, sharper and thinner skinned objects made out of stronger plastics.

There's a guy on the indoor and micro forum working on a non-scale model that looks very good so far.

I wish we had better drawings and sections. I wonder if any of the original plans are still around?

Oh well, I'm lucky if I succeed in making a decent boat hull this year. Not kidding, I'm working alone in an area where nothing works exactly as you might expect and the documentation is about lighting, surface texture and animation.

Help, HELP! I'm drowning in useless documentation.

Pete (still having fun though!)
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