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Originally Posted by Jamie6662 View Post
Well i put in some hitec 65mg servos for the cyclic and noticed they were turning opposite way to skyartec ones so reversed all the channels except for the rudder which had original servo.i set up swash so it looked level and checked servo movements all appeared to be moving correctly.
when i tried to take off it just flipped backwards and to the right.i noticed the swag arms bearings had collapsed and the screws bent- i dont know if these were already damaged from from a previous crash.
when i move the heli in my hand im not sure the gyro is leveling quite as it should.
Would there be some kind of programming issue like its speciffically set for skyartec servo and would need changing for the hitecs?
could it be my leaving rudder original ?and reversing rest of channels causes some conflict in software?
Iam thinking of going back to original servos does anyone know where to get gear sets instead of full servo?
Iam new to these so i know im making errors dont know anyone to teach me so im learning the hard way! These forums are a great help though thanks
I found out that these XL-9 servos are the same as the X3V cyclic ones.
There is a metal gear version (only the 2 last gears are in fact metal gears) and spare gears are available.

Also plastic gear set and output arms sets available.
Look for XL-9 (plastic) and XL-9HM (metal) sets
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