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Originally Posted by delcie70 View Post
I used two Zippy 3 cell 1600 20C for the static tests. I ran the first one until I noticed a power loss and switched to the second one. Come to think of it, I noticed the RPM problem after switching to the second battery. Also, I didn't know about not storing fully charged LiPo's and charged them when I got them about 3 weeks ago. Another thought: Could I have changed the throttle limit range by accident when changing batteries?
Here is how to do the throttle range but you only have to do it once as he is doing a multicopter with lots of speed controllers.
Throttle Range Setting (3 min 4 sec)

I have about 50 lipos and I keep mine charged all the time. I can go a month or more without using them and some even a lot longer. Maybe I am hurting them but I like to keep them ready just in case.

I fly my AXN nearly every time I go flying and I have not changed the servos. I changed the esc because I had a problem but turned out to be a c of g problem. Mine is an older one so I suspect the ESC and servos in the new ones are better and do not need changing.

I have never used mounting foam tape for my servos but if it is moving put some fiber glass tape over the servo and the bottom of the wing. You are brave just relying on the foam tape. Always good to put the fiber glass tape over the servo just to make sure you do not have problems.

You say "I tested the new ESC by running the motor at WOT for just a few minutes. (less than 5)" I guess that was in the air. I am not brave enough to do any at wot for more than two seconds on the ground to get a reading on the watt meter.
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