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Originally Posted by OldOz View Post
Whizgig -
Sorry, I got sidetracked!
The frame-
the motor -
The pinion - Pretty crummy, but will do the job. If you grind a flat 1/3 the way through the shaft, anyway.
The ESC -
The landing gear -
Either the standard HK 450 (comes with the kit, very flimsy) covered with Clark pipe lagging tube OR Align HK 500 (Zeejays or Wattsuprc)
Finally, the antirotation bracket is off a particular Align 450 (has a wide flat base, good for epoxy gluing to frame) - I'll identify it later.
Good luck with your build! - And cheers for 2013

PS - the Antirotation -
(they also make a cheaper plastic version that has worked fine so far, but this looks better.. Just dremel a slot (or drill a hole) for the shaft and bearing, and glue it to the frame and bearing support. Hasn't shifted yet!).
I've left the shaft adaptor till last: could probably spare one, if you get stuck (or follow Arrowshooter's suggestion): but what you need is a 5 to 6 mm shaft adaptor, about 4cm long.
Thanks John,
I will get on to it straight away and start stripping the bird down now ready for the parts.
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