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Originally Posted by arrowshooter View Post
How great minds think alike! I just put another 450 kit on my ebay favorites to buy and use with different radio setups and the belt drive. Since I have the F445 finished I kind of hate to take it apart. I am going to try to stick with the Walkera 4ch setups with the built in gyro first.

LOL, I had to look up what "dihedral" meant and then tried it. I have also seen this as the F45 is in flight. It's just weird.

May all of you and and all of yours have a super 2013.

Dihedral in the blades will help to keep the Heli more stable and upright similar to dropping a marble in a round bowl. It always moves to the centre.
The biggest drawback is this same effect also reduces the knife effect that stiffer blades create which also increase agility and response.
That was why when I first got the MJX and noticed this, I shimmed the blades to try and reduce this and the handeling was improved. When I went to the extreme blades which are much stiffer, the dihedral effect was reduced even more, again, increasing response, but this also came with a little reduction in stability.
If you notice the newer fixed pitch, flybarless mini helis coming out, they usually have stiffer, symmetrical blades which spin faster and have almost no dihedral effect. They are very responsive, but do not self stabalize to the same degree as helis with a blade shaped like the MJX.
Most important, higher head speed reduces this effect drastically.
Those are my findings from my observations.
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