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Originally Posted by gravityKills View Post
could be, I think they usually favor higher Kv (should mean less turns => lower inductance, right?)
Just asking as re-wound motors are the rage right now, gotta have one so you have something to say in all those "why-does-my-motor-cut-out-in-flight" and "OMG my ESC is on fire" discussions

BTW, speaking of ESC fires, I had a 4035 in my heli. One thread of the windings ripped out, and according to the burn marks inside the bell I think I got very lucky. Scorpion, never again ...
a normal scorpion's factory winding really is not good. But the hardware of a scorpion is good enough, light and strong design, plus good magnets. Scorpion is a very good re-winding candidate.

I just got a motor, 5030 stator 12N10P, made by a Chinese factory. Good enough for me. One thing I learnt is that however good i say the motor is, it does not count since i have no hard data or credit. I agreed to a technician of the factory that i would help contact someone has testing hardwares and credits here to help do a test of their motor. Here is some pic after i rewind it though.
rewind is using STSD, single strand 1.8mm wire(O.D around 1.9mm), 13T delta, Y, Kv around 250.
a similar scorpion would be S5030 12N14P, winded with 16T 15 strands of 0.33mm wire, weighted 606gram. mine is 660 gram, heavier due to slightly sicker rotor flux ring than scorpion, but also 61% more copper.

Thanks Odysis, for the explanation. It seems a sinosodial rotor will only be superior when driven by a sinosodial ESC. I have a few rewinded 1515 (O.D. and length in inch) sized (stator size) 12N8P inrunner with sinosodial 8P rotor sleeping here.
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