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Between Homebuilt Projects

Wow, I have been toying with building a third homebuilt (Steens Skybolt and a Vans RV-4) after having sold both. I've been seriously looking at a Vans LSA compliant bird or the Thatcher CX-4 or -5 (single vs. dual.)

For some reason, I became comfortable with working in aluminum, bucking/driving rivets, etc.; hence the two choices listed above.

My wife would kill me if I started another "large" plane project. :-)

Thanks for sharing, guys, I thought I was the only crazy one who likes to build models and full-size.

Originally Posted by boingk View Post
Just go to and build one you can fly:

The basic kits cost around $7k and a fully flying example should run $10k or so. Secondhand examples are worth around the same and by all accounts seem to fly nicely.

I'm an ultralight aircraft pilot, currently own a Gardan GY-201 Minicab:

As much as I love my RC models there simply has to be a 'proper' plane in my lineup or I'm not going to be happy. Its good to watch something you've built take to the skies, but its amazing to go up yourself.

Good to hear you like modelling, but seriously think about buying another plane - even building one yourself. I have to sell mine, too, but am seriously thinking about buying or making a single-seat ultralight.

Cheers - boingk
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