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Tip stalls are caused solely by airspeed (or lack there of).
When we use the example of a left hand gliding turn:
The right wing accelerates or remains at a constant velocity; increasing or maintaining it's lift characteristics from straight and level flight.
The left wing decellerates to a point that all lift is lost on that wing. The longer the wings, the greater the difference in velocity. With our 2.5Meter wingspan this differential is very great vs. a smaller 1.2M glider. The tighter the turn, the more exacerbated this behavior presents it's self.

To prevent tip stalling in a turn, as you initiate you turns with rudder only, give a touch of down elevator to accelerate the sailplane slightly, thus keeping the inside wing at a constant velocity. The outside wing will accelerate by the down elevator input along with the difference in turning radius, so a small amount of right aileron can be input to coordinate your turnand keep the wings a bit more level. This will maintain your vertical lift and prevent a side-slip loss of altitude. This right aileron input (cross sticking) is spoiling the lift of the outer wing slightly deducing it's lift to match more closely the inner wing.

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