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Originally Posted by schrederman View Post
I flew occasionally with the Albuquerque group while I lived in Clovis, NM. Great bunch of people... I do not understand the anti-club mentality that some have... but then, to each his own...
It really depends on the club. Some day I may take the liberty to share with you the details of my very first experience with one on my local clubs but for now I will say only this. Some clubs are more welcoming than others and as a string launching sailplane pilot I was definitely the red headed step child in the group. Their dislike of my sailplane was made abundantly clear to me after I paid my yearly club dues even though I explained to them that I wanted to fly hi-start launched gliders prior to my joining. Yes it was a power club, but there were no sailplane clubs within 90 miles. I stopped flying my sailplane there after only a couple of months when I overheard a few club members talking behind my back about how "this isn't a glider club, he shouldn't be flying here".

I became a lone flyer for over a year after that experience. I found other places to fly my sailplanes that were not tied to either of the existing clubs. Shortly after that I started Rochester Soaring as a place for other "unwanted sailplane flyers" to fly. All in all I guess it worked out for the best but only because I was willing to put in years of effort to get the word out, to organize events and to locate places to fly. Had I not been willing to do all this I would still be flying solo.

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