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Good approach.

It is quite common, here on RCG, to read comments in the maiden flight post such as " I had to feed in a couple of clicks of down elevator.....then it flew beautifully...."

You'll typically read such comments when the plane is a kit that has been fully designed and tested by others. It this case the builder is just following the instructions of others and there is no real new work occurring. Not really so impressive, though the poster would like you think that it is.

What we're doing here is completely different. This is a prototype of a never been flown before design. Even with the best engineering, you can bet that it won't fly "on rails" on the first flight. The CG placement and elevator throws are big variables. Even more true because it is a plank, which is twitching in pitch even when trimmed out perfectly.

For me, my maiden flights of a prototype are simply something to be survived, preferably in one piece.

Here's a maiden flight where the plank went straight down after launch......I barely caught it in time. Love that cliff. See :45 for launch.

Plank 101 - 1st Flight (3 min 9 sec)

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