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Originally Posted by ASCforithobbies View Post
I'm not a BH fan but you all have to be the biggest bunch of idiots on the planet!! First do you really think that UPS is going to give a vendor free shipping because you do volume. HELL NO there not. They give a slight rate deduction but that all. So the vendor has to cover cost and the models in china are not penny on the dollar. You are lucky after you ship it here pay customs there cut and sell the model to make maybe 20% and out of that you have building rent, payroll, Insurance,advertising and other cost and you act like a bunch of little girls NOTHING IS FREE!!! Yes free shipping is not free you pay for it just not directly
Hell yeah Free. When you say FREE SHIPPING that does not mean add $30 to base price. With the profit margins and price games and advertise a sale...make it a sale.

Try paying attention to what they about a circus.

Yep you are right...if you are stupid enough to cope with their games.... then you are the sucker.

This little girl will continue to whine about LOUSY Vendors. If you don't like it... move on... this thread is about the issue we see.

BH might have forgotten - CONSUMER IS KING.
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