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Its not that its inadequate, it just takes practise to land in such a short distance. I have a friend who has been flying the avonds F15 for 20 years. He could put that thing in and out in 100 feet, but he's had a load of practise. We are just suggesting finding a longer strip for your first few landings until you understand how the plane fliesand lands. It sucks watching $5000 land where you don't want it to. Find other jet fliers and where they fly.

Whenever I build a new jet and test fly it, I go to the airport. I can land my F16 in 500 ft without problems now but the first 20 landings or so I was happy I had 4000 ft to work with and I needed it.

By the way, you will not need flaps on a light avonds F15. Pull the nose up and it slows right down by itself. Trim your elevator in your landing circuit for a nose high approach Use throttle to control rate of descent.
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