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Originally Posted by Castel101 View Post
Great work on the retracts, they look great! I had a question though, maybe not important, but shouldn't the spring portion (circular bend) on the spring wire, between the retract and the strut, be facing along the back instead of sideways? This so that the spring takes any loads that occur in the direction of travel like bumps, grass if going off the runway, and etc. As it is it helps for lateral stress which is not frequent to occur. Just wondering?

This gave me some thought during the build, the retracts are set up currently how they came out of the box. I wondered if this was for sideways retraction rather than forward and backward as in my model. I did turn them through 90 to start with and installed them like this but then I had one of those "Oh **** !" moments because the spiral moves the leg about 1/4" (6mm) offset from the centre of the retract unit the wheel trucks came too close to the openings I have cut. This was soemthing I completely missed when I was putting everything together as I focused on the position of the hole in the retract not the wire. Really I was then faced with some difficult decisions

1. Cut the doors wider and add the thin strips onto the other side of the hatch and onto the doors.
2. Recut the mounting plates.
3. Rotate the wires back to the positions they now have.

I chose the 3rd option after I had tested the wires to see how easily they bent in either direction and I found that there was very little difference. In the direction I currently have them two portions of the spiral are bending in torsion so there is some give.
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