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Originally Posted by fordm2003 View Post
I just purchased a Turnigy 9x (w/o module) and an OrangeRX DSM2 TX module for it from Hobby King. I have not been able to bind to any aircraft and I think it may be that the TX module is DOA. (tried night vapor and nano cpx)

Can anyone describe what, if anything, should occur in terms of audio or visual signals when you turn on the transmitter - something that would indicate the DSM2 TX module is working/has power?

The 9x seems fine, from what I can tell. I can navigate menus, etc.

I get nothing on the module. I believe I should be able to hit the bind button three short clicks and see the light blink as it changes TX modes, but I get nothing. At no time are there lights or audio beeps from the OrangeRX dsm2/dsmx module.

Both the 9x and the module are new. I am not certain how/if I can determine which one is the issue. but knowing what should occur when turned on might help.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Mike. Welcome to RCGroups!

There are two know issues with the 9x and OrangeRx DSM module combo.

First, in the 9x module bay, there is a bit of plastic around the pins that prevents certain modules, like the OrangeRx module, to not seat all the way down. This can cause the module to make insufficient contact with the pins to operate properly. Check this post for the fix.

The second issue is more serious if you want to fly the Spektrum BNF planes. The 9x's stock firmware uses the Futaba channel order (AETR) that is not compatible with the BNF bricks that expects the JR/Spektrum channel order (TAER).

The stock channel order of the 9x can be changed, but to do it, it needs to be modded and flashed with alternate firmware, like the er9x. I'm afraid there is no easy way around this issue.

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