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Originally Posted by TTRotary View Post
Hmm. 52 views and no comments. Was my question that hard? Perhaps there are no turbine pilots in here...
There are some, but it seems you need to browse the diffrent webshops to get a hint of the price range.

You don't want to spend 1000's is a real newbie statement. The cheapest turbine available today is the Kingtech K80 for $1725.

The K80 is suited for the Jet legend JAS Gripen (which corretcly setup flies very well)

The more obvious choise K100 for $2000 (same size, more power and "the same price"

Ok, now you have airframe and engine for $3000(incl shipping) you now need servos, atleast 5 for the Gripen, $250

Retracts, $520 from Jetlegend... chooseing eflite electrics just won't cut it...

Now you need a bunch of hardware such as fueltank, Rx, batteries, BEC etc... another $400

Thats close to $4500 just for the basics useing the cheapest components available still with some sort of dignity in them.

I hope you see my point :-) Flying jets will be alot of money, but it's not any magic to it. If you can fly you will find the turbine plane a much nicer experience as soon as the nervousity has gone away. Shakeing knees have made even experienced pilots crash.
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