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Originally Posted by archet View Post
after many tests, most of them finished with crashes, I realized that the real problem of my hexacopter are the motors, not the YS-X6.
They have a 3 mm shaft that is fixed with a small screw to the rotating part of the motor. The shaft hasn't got a flat part where the screw could tighten it and at times the small screw get loose, so after a while the shaft-adapter-propeller block slips relative to the rotating part of the motor, reducing the propeller spin and this in turn tilts the hexa in this motor's direction eventually crashing without control. When I tried to tighten the screw a little bit more, it destroyed the threads and wont come out anymore, so I had to trow away the entire motor.
Even the propeller adapter, at time, doesn't grab the thin shaft firmly, so once I had an immediate flip over while flying, because the propeller came off with the adapter, and I am sure that I tightened all of them to the limit.
So, in my opinion, these type of motors (STO 4008-620 KV) are absolutely to avoid, especially if you are flying heavy hexacopters with more than 4-5 kg weight.
Unfortunately I bought 12 of these motors and now most of them are completely off for different reasons. I think that I have to buy better motors.
Any suggestion?
I would go for the RC Tiger range of motors. At least you know you will get quality. Look at eCalc and see which ones will suit you load etc.

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