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Originally Posted by gooniac33 View Post
I am thinking that my set up is well over 100mph but nothing to prove that yet. 1950kv motor on 4s 30c 1800mah packs make is whistle and groove along really nicely!

However I had a minor mishap today. On the last battery pack of the day I bumped the rudder on take off on a really narrow path that I use and it nosed over in the grass braking the plastic motor mount. The gear popped off cleanly with no damage to any thing other than my pride and the flimsy mount. Going to fabricate something out of wood or use stand offs with the X brace mount. Either way I am gonna get it back in the air soon.... Love the way this plane flies!! Just what I wanted!
You could be right about speed ... with a decent 1950kv, 4S and a good prop ... why not ? Possibly more than 100mph. But what run-time do you get ? I would hazard a guess that is quite short ?... 3 - 4mins ?

I broke the plastic mount on first maiden ... it really is flimsy. It's the legs break of usually.
When I looked to replace with a better mount - there is a definite problem.

The cowl top is so close to the mount - you cannot use a X mount or anything over-counter ... Plus the firewall has cut-outs that are large and would need bridging to fit any standard mount - you could get inside cowl !

My way finally was to cut a ply disc and fit that with spacers to give thrust lines ...

I am still trying to find a more asthetic solution !! But it works.

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