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To replicate the 4 Channel RC experience, just fly in "Normal" Mode:

Throttle: Linear, 0 to 100%
Pitch: Linear, 0 to 6x% (WARNING: the Mini's Links bind with Blades Grip if the Servo's try to move past 6x% (I forgot the exact %). Binding is the #1 reason Servo's strip (or slip if the Servo Saver Mod is incorporated).

The amount of air-lift a Blade produces is controlled by:

Surface area (larger = more lift capability per given rpm)
Blade pitch (greater pitch = more lift capability per given rpm)
Blade rpm (greater rpm = more lift capability)

In "Normal" Mode, because of the linear Throttle & Pitch curves, the amount of "lift" (ie. altitude and speed) is controlled by the Throttle/Pitch stick. If MAX Throttle/Pitch stick provides too much speed that you'll never? imagine using, then I would recommend reprogramming the MAX pitch value(s) to a lower value and keep the Throttle curve per "factory" linear 0-100% settings.

If you're just starting out, and want to bang into things at a lower Blade rpm, then just about the only way to do that is use a larger surface area Blade (provided the Motor can torque the heavier mass). In this case, a FP Blade would probably be the best choice, because due to it's curved pitch design, it will provide the most FP "lift" at the lowest rpm. I believe one of the members (indoorheli?, or benmlee?) posted that they installed FP Blades on their CP and let their 6? year old fly it (after coaxial training).

I think everything except RX Pot factory settings are excellent for beginner to advance. IMO, "numbing" the settings is hazardous to flight safety. I like having total control at my finger tips, and having the ability to get the heck out of "dodge" at the "drop of a dime". I believe the key to learning to fly a RC heli is self control - don't "bite" off much more than you can comfortably "chew". Learn like a baby, first learn to pick yourself up, then crawl, then stand, then walk, then run.

I was going to re-post my KungFu "You're ready to leave (graduate) when you can walk on rice paper without tearing it" video; however, when I searched for it, I found I already reposted it for you two weeks ago.
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