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Originally Posted by ksrimoungchanh View Post
Thanks Stumblebee,

I picked up 2 12V deep cell battery 55Ahr each.. I series them together to get 24V.. I was able to get to drain at 8amp.. Great..

On the supply tab of the application, I am not able to change the Battery Low to something more then 12.50.. is that normal? wouldn't that be very low for both batteries series'd?

Also, should I bumped my "Regen. Charge Voltage IN to Pb= to something higher? I am using 22.2 V lipo.

Thank in advance..


Be careful there. There's a Power Supply side and a Pb Battery side for the settings on the supply tab. On the Pb side, you only need to consider the LVC for one 12V battery. The PL multiplies the number you select by 2 because it can detect when you are running 2 in series. From your screen capture, it looks like you have the Pb enabled, so you're almost there. Now just set LV for 1 12v Pb.

Tim Marks
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