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Originally Posted by Teamsherman View Post
So i had some time this afternoon in the garage and did a few small mods.

I installed a stronger spring on the front brake actuator, installed a stronger cable from a push-pull airplane system and made a small support block for the cable holder near the servo so it doesnt give like it did stock. Ive decided to use a servo horn with collett rather than the ready made one with the grub screw and ive used the brake set up tip post that chktm wrote up (you're a wealth of knowledge mate!!!)

And, ive done a dodgy solder weld job to the existing chain just to get me through to wednesday when i get some genuine spares, im not sure if it will hold as i havent tried it yet at all but i'll soon find out, i thought ive got nothing to lose considering its busted already. The spare link is from a HobbyKing QRF400 that is sitting in pieces in the garage that i wont ever put back together. P.s, if anyone has one and needs parts, your welcome to have this one here.


That's great Alan. That should get the brake working well. Good idea with the solder. I hope it holds and gets you up and running. Here's some of my carnage from the day lol. Thought I'd better pull the other bike out for the vids. The bar had one too many crashes and I'd say Deegan took one head plant too many also haha. He in surgery now. We had a ball and my mate is probably going to get one for him and one for his daughter.
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