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I also am mostly a loner - built and crashed my Spirit numerous times. Always just going it alone or reading. Occasional input from the LHS guys. Wish I would have sought out some help early on. Would have saved me a lot of frustration. But I have really loved the hobby.

Then this past year I met Matt and now I much prefer having a flying buddy. I re-kit less, have become a better pilot and builder, and have a good friend. At one point, I almost made the decision not to fly alone anymore because I made fewer dumb mistakes when we were both at the field.

Perhaps we tend to fly like a couple of loners, (just using a big open space when no one else is there) but there are a few other guys who come out at times and join us. And one or two we are trying to get interested. And e-power is no problem with us, even if all we have flyable are "pure" gliders.

Just throwing in my thoughts. I'm sure it is much more challenging in more densely populated areas.

Lots of ways to learn, and RCGroups is one of them.
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