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Originally Posted by victapilot View Post
It would be interesting to splice your 3 clips in series, from loud to soft. I'm just speculating that some players might auto level or normalize individual clips, that couldn't happen with a single clip containing all 3 levels.

The sound fidelity and sensitivity is pretty good for my use, amazing really for a 17g machine. Maybe someone could install a microphone jack and test with a shotgun mike??
The three sound track waveform pic I attached to my prior post was done simultaneously with one video editing program (MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2012). The three videos were all loaded on separate timeline tracks and aligned via their sound waveforms. There was no equalization turned on.

I played them all back simultaneously, and muted them all, then turned each sound track on separately. And as we've all pretty much agreed, High and Middle volume for all practical purposes sound identical to my ear (and most other users, I think). The Low volume was slightly less, but very little.

The screen grab of the native video waveforms I posted in a recent post was from this test to show there is a difference in the sound amplitude with these settings, but until we can see the sound displayed with a logarithmic decibel (dB) level for each at the same point in time in the audio, we don't have any definitive information on how they should sound. We can only tell how they do sound. A 3dB change in sound pressure is barely audible. A 5dB change is clearly noticeable, a 10db change should sound about twice as loud. A 20 dB change should sound about 4 times louder. Based on this, I'd guess the Low setting is about 5dB below the middle and maybe 7-8dB below the highest. I want to test this theory just for the sake of knowing what is happening in the videos.
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