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Nice drawing, Massive! It looks just like the PCB. Amazing!

Bwoollia, it is not uncommon that these toy radios do not have a strong antenna. Several of the late model toys all have the appearance of an antenna stick out at the top of the radio, but when you open it up, it is just a piece of hollow plastic. Even so, I've been getting pretty good range with them.

That didn't explain why you were having a connection issue. I wish you have another radio to test with. Then you could determine whether the problem is on the Tx or the Rx side. If you are handy with the a soldering iron, you should try to re-solder the antenna on the Rx board, or better yet, solder a piece of wire, 6cm in length to the board. That way, you have an antenna that is 1/2 wavelength, rather than 1/4 wavelength. See if that helps. Sorry, I couldn't offer more. Perhaps you got a bad sample and could exchange for another one from the seller.
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