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Originally Posted by sbstnp View Post
You're tipping because you're not yanking it fast enough off the ground. FBL systems don't like sitting on the ground, get it into air as fast as you can. And put it 3 feet up, not 6 inches above ground, in order to avoid the ground effect.

You can do this:
1. Set FMODE1 THR curve to be flat, lets say 85%. This way you will ony use pitch to fly.
2. Set FMODE1 pitch curve like this: 0-0-0-29-58 (without travel adjusted) or 0-0-0-50-100 (with travel adjusted to 55-60).
3. Spool up, bring left stick to 50%. Now you should have constant headspeed and zero pitch.
4. Move left stick to around 70, do it in an interval close to 2 seconds, meaning don't yank it there, but don't be slow like an 80 years old.

Careful, when in FMODE1, you WILL NOT slam the stick down. You WILL use THROTTLE HOLD, be warned.

Of course, do all above only if you feel confident enough, I don't want you to break your heli because of my advice
I'm flying a clone, so you need to give me the pitch values in degrees and the throttle values in % of 100.

Also what harm if I slam the throttle from 50 to 70% other than the heli rocketing up possibly? Can I strip the main gear or something?
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