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Originally Posted by pilot_keeter View Post
Wow, those burns look rough...
Pretty random events or should I be worried about my ICE 75 and Hacker?
No, not a random event, there was a problem with those ESCs as Castle forgot to install a component. That said, it was not an ICE75...

Originally Posted by Gravitycheat View Post
I don’t want to post the brand of the ESC because as someone else posted, there would be “bashing”. I think this was an isolated problem and not a wide spread, common issue with this manufacture’s ESC. Bashing would serve no purpose. The manufacture is replacing it for me and luckily the damage to the plane is mostly cosmetic.
From the looks of it, it doesn't look like a Castle, could you verify this?

Originally Posted by jimmy34256 View Post
Wow, nice repair job !!!!!
Thank you kind Sir....

Originally Posted by losifanatic View Post
My castle comment was me just being funny. All my escs are castle right now. Granted l have had more than my fair share of issues with them dieing on me but there cs is good and once l got an esc that worked it worked wonderfully. I have had escs from every manufacture l have bought one from die on me while using it within its specs. It's part if the game l guess. Though l do believe l missed my calling as a product tester for quality control.
Any electronic component can fail, some more than others. At least Castle will normally replace a failed ESC, and if there is a problem with a particular line of the ESCs, they will find the problem.

And, yes, you probably did Matt!!

Originally Posted by bryansifsof44 View Post
I've flew thousands of flights with castle products and only one ESC burnt which was replaced by castle and goes strong today. Thankfully it did't cause a fire and I was using a external BEC.
I wasn't using a BEC, but was using two separate 2S packs for the radio in the 89" Slick...

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