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Hey guys. Just noticed this thread. Spend moost of my time in the scratch built section. But my friends and I did used to play a lot of laser tag. Thought I could give some info from that side of things since we used to modify the guns and make custom set ups.

We used to use the "Laser Challenge" brand system. It was cheap and worked well eenough, but day time did cause problems, so we played mostly on full moons. lighting conditions aside, I took and modified 7 Nintendo Zappers to hold the circuitry and a couple extra lenses from the stock laser challenge guns. Weapons had about a foot ball field of range with about a 10 degree "cone" of fire. Some spread but not a lot.

The weapons circuit was about 1" x 2.5" in size and needed 3v to run. The vests where a little larger. about 2" square. Each vest also had front and back sensors to register hits. 10 hit count, when you got hit 9 times it would set off a siren letting you know you where almost dead. there was also a "reset" to reset the vests. 3v operation of the vests, just like the guns.

Artificial lighting was never an issue with the system, so indoor this system was fine.

Sugestion on the "smoke", instead of flour or talcom powder, both of whiich are white, what about useing the chalk refils for snap lines? you should be able to get it at any hardware store and ive seen multiple colors.
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