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Originally Posted by apollomaker View Post
Howdy Xrayted --- and thanks for the feedback. Yes, the FlyMentor is a 3-axis gyro system with other features as well. I did look for comments they might have made as to impact on flybar systems but did not see any. Maybe someone might happen along that has tried a 3-axis gyro on a flybar rotor system and might have some comments as to the usefulness.

I am going to create a model of a 500 heli with 3-axis gyro on the Phoenix simulator (best as can be done) and see what might come from that study.

Thanks Again ---- Bob
Hi Bob. The Flymentor is made to work with a FB heli. Most other controllers are for FBL use only and cannot be used with a FB heli. If you go into Phoenix you will be able to set up something on the fly bar tab called active flybarless. This will bring the heli back to level and stabilize it whenever you let off the sticks. This will be the closest thing I think in Phoenix you can get to what the Flymentor training aid would do for you
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