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Originally Posted by mredzadventure View Post
Go back to the factory settings If you up the rev's and it dies it's starving for fuel.
How is the compression If it is weak you may need a new piston and sleeve. It could be the fuel I have never had a bad batch but it is worth a try. It looks like your doing everything right. You might want to check all the seals in the carb.

good luck
Thanks for letting me know I'm checking the right things it's been a while since I've had to fire up a nitro so I was doubting myself!

When I put it back to factory, it doesn't start at all.. not even an attempt to fire. I noticed that when it's back on factory settings, I can't prime the engine using the priming bulb without first opening the throttle. Is that normal

The compression seems good, it appears to offer a decent amount of resistance when it's close to TDC. I don't have anything to measure the compression with but it certainly feels ok?

Which seals do you mean? Please let me know. I've sealed the engine including the carb area (excluding the mixture screws for obvious reasons). I wound the HSN out, coated the O-Ring with a touch of Mobil1 then wound it back in again.
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