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Originally Posted by bryansifsof44 View Post
I'm the opposite I use full rates right from the get go including maiden... feel more comfortable in high rates.
You're a great pilot though. I think the new guys who are not used to all the throw are better off using thier low rates for general flying around and flip to high when they want to get crazy. Most guys don't take long to get to be flying full rates all the time, bit in the beginning it's a nice security tool for them.

For the longest time I never even bothered to set up a low rate, but at Chris' urging I started using one for my precision stuff. Man, it is so much easier that way. It was just a matter of trying it and getting comfortable. It is much like a pattern plane, but from years of full tilt, full time 3D rates, I had to adjust my style a little. Now I just have to remember which rate I am on and not try anything like a parachute on low rates.

New guys If you have triple rates that is the way to go. Set the low rate up using the manual. That's a precision rare and it is very, very easy to fly. Anyone who can handle a T28 will find themselves right at home on this low rate.

Then, then set the medium rate up using the high rate from the maual and restricting the elevator throw to 45 degrees. For the high rate, crank in all the elevator you can get.

The reason I like a meduim rate with 45 degrees is because the plane harriers much easier like this, and easy is important when you are learning 3D or switching to a new airframe. If you only have dual rates, in the beginning you can dial the high elevator back to 45 degrees until you have a good feel for the plane, and then go to the full 88 degrees when you are very comfortable.

Set up is a very personal thing, which is why there are so many different opinion on it. However, Chris spends a lot of time developing the low rates for these airframes and it makes sense to start there.
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