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I have done 2 range tests today. Not pro tests, the transmitter was on a table, and unluckily in the direction i did walk there was a big tree obstructing Line Of Sight. My results are worse than what a man holding the transmitter on a free field would achieve.

Firmware was my openlrsNG-clone, a much stripped down test version with 1.6mw output power (100 mw normal, expect 7 times more range) 4800bps, 12khz deviation and 6 bytes payload. I did test 1 with a dipole on the tx, test 2 with stock antenna. The rx was always stock antenna.

Result is i can get the signal over 280m distance. The stock ant was on its limits, would only work with quite polarization correct to +- 20 deg. the dipole did not have much problems except when polarization was completely off (+- 80 deg).

The main result is i will have to repeat the measurements without that tree in LOS. The system is clearly able of 2km (at 100mw, 280m*7) with stock antenna if conditions are good, and probably much much more with good antennas (and no tree in LOS).

Attached a pic of my duct tape / copper wire dipole (32cm overall length) ...
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