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Originally Posted by Derek_S View Post
What flight times are you looking at on that setup?

I put a 4s 4000 on mine this morning, and waas very surprised to find that the flight time was the same, if not a little less from a 3000 3s setup. Everything else was the same (10x4 props, 750kv 2830 motors). I dont have any 9" props, but thinking of trying some 8" on 4s just to see what happens, although I think 8" is gonna be much too small for the 750kv.

I really though going from the 1100kv and *" props to the 750 on 10" was gonna buy me some time, but so far all my tests (which basically just use the timer on the TX) show that the gain/loss of flight time is pretty negligible so far.
I told yuh 3s isn't always better than 4s and lower kv motors arnt always better than higher kv motors. It all just depends on what your trying to lift and how much torque you want. Lower kv motor have to spin faster using more battery to create the same amount of lift a higher kv motor makes with the same size prop. So if your a slower style flyer 3s and 1000kv motors on 10 inch sf props is not a bad combo. If you are a more aggressive flyer and you like the quick bolts of energy and doing tricks then lower kv motors on 4s is better. But every motor and prop combo has its sweet spot where basically it's giving you the best combo and flight times. It's just hard to find sometimes. To me I've found my gaui 960kv motors on 3s 10 inch props seem to be the best. But I have put 11inch props on 3s 620kv motors and my flight time was like 14 mins. Now I fly with 10 inch props on 4s with 620 kv motors and I'm only getting 7.8-8.5 mins. But I like the power!!!!
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