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Hi Dazzer,

'Long distance diagnostics' are always difficult, you'll have to provide us with lots of info and pictures to get answers that apply to your specific situation.

Regarding the ESC blowing up; without knowing how you ran the boat, this can be anything, from a few drops of moisture getting inside the ESC (did you tape the hatch shut to avoid water ingress?), to running the boat long stretches at half throttle (to get the hang of it...).

Running these set-ups at less than full throttle is lethal for both motor and ESC, they'll overheat and die.

Did the boat come "RTR", or did the manual specify that you had to program the ESC prior to running the boat?

If you still have warranty, make use of that and ask for a replacement ESC, even a '120 Chinese Amps' ESC should be able to handle the 3674 Feisuda.

You see, your six lines answer raises more questions than answers, elaborate, elaborate!!

Pictures, pictures, scans of the manual, etc, ect...

Lipo batteries are 3,7V a cell, 2S lipo have 7,4V, hence my confusion with 6 cell NiMH packs, which are 7,2V (1,2V per cell).

Regards, Jan.
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