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Originally Posted by cropcircle View Post
When the elvator is at normal rate, every slight movement of the stick throws the plane up or down dramatically. After fixing the EXP, it is much easier to control.

The problem with the Cg is that the "manual" that came with the AXN doesnt say where it should be. It is currently located about 1cm from the wing rod.

I crashed the AXN so many times and glued it back together that now its nose is a bit crooked and not straight. maybe that has an effect.

I was also considering a Cub instead of a Bixler but these cost twice as much and I'm sure I will wreck my next plane as well, so I'm trying to avoid big spending right now.

And lets not forget the human factor , Maybe I need some more time to practice on a more forgiving plane. One that will not spiral like crazy when I move the stick too fast too far.
I'll give you details tonight on a plane that is in the cheaper range and you can not damage no matter how many times you crash it. That is a fairly accurate statement. My mate broke his in half when running straight into goal posts which was an easy fix. Mine would not break as I have strengthened mine.

Most will not recommend them for someone learning but you have had a few flights. Most will say it is too twitchy but is not if TX adjusted properly.

If you can not break it you'll eventually get a hang of it and it is my favorite plane that I fly combat with a mate every time we go flying. My second favorite is the AXN as I know I will not crash it now I fixed the c of g.

It is a fun "plane" which I know I will launch properly EVERY TIME. My mate even grabs the end of the wing and throws it up in the air spinning around to see if he can make it fly with out hitting the ground. It does not matter if he hits the ground.

You say " It is currently located about 1cm from the wing rod."
Is this in 1cm in front of the centre of the wing cover or somewhere else?

After having c of g problems with the AXN stalling and falling out of the sky I now have the c of g 3mm back from the front of the wing cover. I will never change it from there.
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