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Originally Posted by Buracho2 View Post
I'm afraid you have me very confused and perhaps you can enlighten me. It seems that if the helicopter is restrained, as in held down, then it does not move when poer is applied. If the gyro does not sense any mevement then what exactly is it correcting for?
The tail rotor should also not try to correct if there is no movement so unless I am missing something I think Andyclayton has very good case that this heli is not fuctioning correctly.
John (Topspin, I'm assuming thats who you are as you were banned previously under "Buracho"), you are not understanding. It is sensing limited movement (rate change) as can be clearly seen in the vids, trying to correct and then getting lost because it's not free to do it's thing.

Andy, Judging by what I see the unit may or may not be "broke". I still suspect it's not broken. Do you have anyone who is experienced with small flybarless helicopters locally that can look at it?

Valanti, who is paid by HK? You keep saying this over and over and over based on an add HK ran to employ staff via their human resources department where nothing was said about being covert or undercover. It simply was an offer of employment. Provide names to SSC if you think otherwise?

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