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Originally Posted by ShoeDLG View Post
I tried to find some pictures that highlighted the canted pylons on the Super Hornet, which fall squarely in the category of a "creative way to reduce the performance of an airplane, for no particular gain." They may have been canted for a reason, but not for particular gain.
For every gain, there is a tradeoff. I think avoiding ordinance striking an airframe is a gain, even if performance is impacted. Like you said, they are rarely operated with the inboard racks installed, in any case.

With loads like that, even when they are not canted, performance is significantly impacted. What would the top speed be with empty racks mounted straight?

Every aircraft is a huge group of compromises flying in close formation. This is just one more.

Comparing the canted inboard store stations on a Super Bug to that silly pitch control on that one-off flying wing seems an odd way of trying to make some point, though.

It is a rare aircraft that does not have a wart or two in evidence, either visible or hidden away.
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