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Not another one...

I loathed having to write this post as when I've been searching I've seen thousands like this one! Yes.. it's another can't keep my truck running post.

So much information out there, I have spent the past day trying all sorts of things but I still can't keep it running past 15 seconds (that's been my best so far lol)

Some info:
MGT 8.0 - I bought it second hand, never saw it running but I'm assured it runs fine. It's not been run for about 6 months but it has had decent care whilst on the shelf.

The Symptoms:
At first it wouldn't run at all. After playing with the mixtures I have gotten it to run for about 15 seconds without the glow starter attached. (It runs significantly more lumpy without the glow starter attached by the way). As soon as I touch the throttle, it increases revs then dies immediately. If I leave it to idle, it'll die by itself around the 15 second mark. If I squeeze the fuel priming bulb (to force more fuel into the carb) it'll run for longer... almost seems like a fuel starvation issue? Seeing drips of fuel out of the exhaust and a hell of a lot of smoke!

What I've tried
1. Air sealed the entire engine with silicon sealer
2. Checked for air bubbles in the fuel line
3. Constantly checked the glow plug and charge of the glow plug starter
4. Changed mixtures, currently on:
11 turns for the low speed needle (super rich?!)
5.5 turns for the high speed needle
Idle is set to about 1.3mm

Could it be the quality of the fuel, guys? That's the only thing I can think of. The engine is getting nice and warm after a minute or two of it starting and stopping but I'm not noticing it wanting to stay on any longer with more heat.

Manufacturer recommends 3.5 turns for the high speed needle and 4.5 turns for the low. As you can see, I'm far away from those stats just to get it to run for 15 seconds. If I use the manufacturers recommendations, it doesn't even hint at starting unless I feed it some fuel through the carb first.

Any help would be appreciated - I've spent the last day and a half trying to figure this out!

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