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"box fuse" Mig-17 30mm Maiden Video Added : )

hey all,
hope everybody had a good Christmas.

I wanted to build another "box fuse" jet like I did with the F-86 but wanted to try out the 30mm fan and motor units that Banana Hobby carries:
the fan:
the motor:
these are the ArtTech units that come in the nano F-86
I have installed a SkyAngels 35mm motor in one of these fan units and its a real screamer, but I'll just be using the stock set-up shown in the links for this jet.
I wanted to do a Mig and decided to do the "17" instead of the "15" just to be different, and I actually like how the Mig-17 wings look...I always thought it looked "sleeker" than the "15".
this one will also be tailerons only (we'll see how that works out with the control surfaces farther from the axis ) but I think it should be fine..if not it wont be hard to add ailerons.
I also have a supply of 3.5g servos so I'll be using 2 of those. I will be mounting the servos inside the fuse this time with the pushrods coming out on either side of the tail. I am gonna go ahead and post the plans now cause I already know the design is sound, and since I've built the fuse (the hardest part) and all the parts fit right
so anyhow here is what I got so far, should have it mostly done tonight, and might get to fly it by Mon or Tues...
check it out, check it outers

oops forgot to give the wingspan, its about 15 1/2"
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