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Originally Posted by Jakk View Post
I ran one of the 25c packs in a QR1, they fit very nice in the battery bay and with a few punch tests and cruising oval and figure 8s as fast as I'm comfortable with I got 7 1/2 minutes. In the V202 they give slightly more run time than the 15c so for the dollar at this point seem like a good value.

I did try 80% rates and the rudder speed picked up a bunch so no issue there...
Thanks for the do you like the V202 compared to the QR1?

Originally Posted by Smoothcruizer3 View Post
I opened mine today, pretty cool MO charging packs now and put away my free gift I am keeping the wrapper, just for coolness. the quad was loose on top with tape on each leg , no damage so it is all good. the radio is pretty darn neat! I found the gimbles and battery in the radio battery compartment .... Well wish me luck... I should do fine, I fly my Syma X1 real good
So the quad came away from the cardboard inside? We may have to start getting wire ties or use packing tape instead of scotch tape to keep her planted.

Originally Posted by vermifax View Post
Out of curiosity which batter would be the replacement for the v202 I scanned the thread but couldn't find it. Placed my order was just curious for the future.

Also, has anyone posted a funnel vid yet ?
We didn't get extra V202 batteries as we didn't know how good they were going to be. We're ordering 300 now that we know they're good. You can use the Mini Pet batteries, which still perform decently. We also have a custom battery in the works, which hopefully will be better than all the other stock batteries, but we won't know if it's as good as the Turnigy's until we get our samples.

Originally Posted by Smoothcruizer3 View Post
wow this little guy is smooth with the stock transmitter... got one flight indoor and one outdoor. 40% was fun indoor. It gets sensitive when the downdraft bounces off the wall and brushes it. I still can manage it. Battery got a little warm and the motors a hair more but normal i guess. Outside I got carried away with a oops 20% then realize it needs at least 80 rate with the gusty winds to bring it back.... Overall! I will be having more fun with this than any indoor plane/heli in my hanger
The quad fits your namesake doesn't it? I think this transmitter has really stepped up the game for stock units. Even when using the default stalks, it's smooth (I use longer stalks on mine).

Originally Posted by Jakk View Post
HJ997 is the battery number I ordered, they are 300mah 25c
Jakk, the HJ997 batteries share the same part number as the 25C V202's but they aren't 25C, only 15C. I'll update our catalogue on the Mini Pet batteries so there won't be any confusion in the future. When we do get the 25C batteries in stock, they'll probably be priced the same as the Turnigys we carry (next batch is on its way) as these are little more expensive.

On that note, international shipping of lipos may be going through another lockdown, so we'll see what happens.

Thanks to you first adopters. It's really important that all of these orders arrive unharmed with the new packaging. If you had the choice, would you prefer the retail packaging? The price of the quad would probably increase $5 and we would have to go back to priority medium flat rate, which is $10.85. As it stands now I'm seeing an average of ~$5-7 for weighted priority shipping.

I'd love to get a funnel vid, just been so busy and need more open space to safely attempt them. Now I've only been able to get it to do a tight funnel once or twice, but I've been able to get it to do loose ascending and descending funnels pretty easily now.
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